i know what they mean 
when they say 
it’s just the beginning

it’s beginning to deal with
the smell of poop
and our diaper-changing jobs

it’s beginning to deal with
her effortless cries
and our hopeless efforts to make her sleep

it’s beginning to deal with
her strange tummy timing
and our ongoing sleeplessness

it’s beginning to deal with
her everchanging moods
and our fading memories of a routine

it’s beginning to deal with
her untold things
and our everlasting aches

it’s beginning to deal with
her perfect sense of touch
and our overwhelming flow of emotions

it’s not just one beginning
but several beginnings
and there are several more to come

phew! 🙂

she, the bliss!

takes a deep breath

clings to my chest
blinks her starry eyes
says i’m the best

holds her chin and thinks
yawns forever and stares
makes a face when we talk
frowns, and smiles, the rares

poops when we least expect
goes red when we laugh at it
throws her arms in air
eats every piece and bit

loves her mommy’s voice
loves her daddy’s lap
hates to wear the mittens
detests the stupid caps

adore her coos and bahs
our sweet potato she is
she’s the life of our lives
her presence is sheer bliss

my angel!

pink is all around me
pink is what i feel
pink is my lovely princess
an angel from head to heel

i wonder at this wonder
her l’ll feet i kiss
i know now what i needed
i know now what was amiss

i wanna hug her forever
i wanna protect her from all
i wanna save all my kisses for her
i wanna give her all

still around… counting and waiting :D

just four more weeks to go, people! i wouldn’t say that i’m getting impatient but i’m getting more curious with each passing day. for those who don’t know, my due date is 29 september. now you all wouldn’t keep wondering much. 😀

tik tok tik tok
why’s the time crawling?
tik tok tik tok
short of sleep i’m falling
tik tok tik tok
why’s the morning lazy?
tik tok tik tok
i love the color of daisy
tik tok tik tok
why am i always yawning?
tik tok tik tok
wish me some good morning

realizations and more

some people and some incidents make you realize how lucky you are to be what you are and have what you have. you feel stupid for having complained about stupid things that don’t really matter. you learn what being content is. i wish that i keep learning this lesson everyday! 🙂
i’m down and i’m high
i wonder and i sigh
i smile through the pain
i know what i’m gonna gain