parenthood takes you

on a roller-coaster ride

with it you experience

the best of happiness

the worst of fears

the peaks of frustration

the quickest tears

and smiles of pride


at times you think

how good life used to be

with just your husband

and friends around you

with some scope for carelessness

fewer responsibilities

a lot of time to waste

and a mind so free


but the next moment

you know you were wrong to think that

cuz’ you didn’t have the best of everything

cuz’ the one who brings out

the best in you

wasn’t there

the apple of your eyes

the l’ll brat


and you know she’s the one

who’d teach you the meaning

of patience, perseverance,

courage and endurance

and she’s the one

who’d give you the best hugs and kisses

and she’s the one

to whom your best song you’d sing