yesterday night, when i was rocking her to sleep, i wondered where all my patience went! she just wouldn’t sleep and i couldn’t retain any patience. she babbled something and i babbled back. i kept rocking her while holding her tight, still wondering why i tend to act crazy! she tried to free herself a couple of times, but i didn’t let her go.

finally, amongst all the rocking, pushing, and wondering, she fell asleep… i don’t know when. i looked at her face that was calmer than anything in this world. i could have sat there looking at her till eternity. at that moment, i cursed myself for being so harsh and immediately got a refill of patience.

after placing her in her crib and bundling her up, i bundled up myself and almost immediately slipped into my dreamland… only to be brought back by a whisper… “maaumeee”, she said again, sitting right behind me, flashing her best smile….