been a long time since i updated my space! i’ve not been busy people, just lazy. 😀 a lot of things happened in the last few weeks…
  • we moved to a new apartment Rainbow
  • celebrated Nitin’s b’day in the new apartment Birthday cake
  • my friends arranged a surprise baby shower for me yesterday Angel
  • i’ve become lazier Sleepy

the baby shower came as a wonderful surprise to me! i can’t thank my friends much for making me feel even more special. Smile they dressed me up in a traditional sari and loads of jewelery. i felt heavy and hot but wonderful. Angel

Nitin’s b’day started with the usual 12 a.m. cake-cutting ceremony with friends and ended in a dinner with friends. simple and sweet. 🙂

the new apartment is more spacious and i have more place to move around without hitting any furniture. Open-mouthed

it’s hot and humid and this stupid weather makes me sleepier! Sleepy