they say that criticism needs to taken in a good spirit – where do we get that good spirit from? at times, i feel bad when people comment negatively on anything – be it my writing or cooking or talking – anything. and then i feel bad about feeling bad… how funny! 🙂

it’s human to feel bad and it’s above human to take things lightly and in the right spirit! i’ve seen Nitin doing the above human thing – i wonder how he does it… maybe i should write a book titled "I don’t know how he does it" on him. 🙂 but what if someone criticizes the book too? ahh! i wonder what induces this negativity in me… is it my possessiveness for my work? or is it my thought of being right all the time (OK, most of the time!)? maybe it’s my unwillingness to change!

help! help! i’m again confused! 😦