our friend delivered a baby boy yesterday! woohoo! we all were as excited as the new mom was. 😀 i was secretly wishing that she delivers a baby girl but then i’m not disappointed. 😀

it’s amazing how a female changes after giving birth to a baby. suddenly, they become so mature, so motherly, and so angelic! 🙂 and not to forget the new Dad who just can’t hide the tremendous joy that keeps showing on his face all the time. 😀 yesterday, when we visited them in the hospital, the new Dad had to put the baby’s cap back on and struggled with it. he was being very careful, trying not to hurt the baby at any point. the Mom too joined in and they both were doing a nice job, but a bit slow. and then, the Grandma pitched in to help and demonstrated how one should to put the cap on the baby. such a cute moment it was! the experienced Granny guiding the new Mom and Dad. 😀

i’ve again been acting and feeling quite lazy these days. on Monday, i succeeded in fighting back my afternoon nap but i kept yawning while having my evening tea. and the next day, i again ended up sleeping like a log in the afternoon. i am and i am gonna cut down on the afternoon naps. 😦

grrr… i’m again feeling sleepy! why why why? 😦 😦 lemme go read a book and fight it again. 😛

Ipoo: You’re blog is again not available for reading. What’s going on?? Disappointed