hope everyone had a good start of the new year! today morning, nitin and i were discussing about the new year resolutions that people make. nitin believes that people make resolutions of those things that they know they can never do…. i kinda agreed to it (for a change)! i don’t have any this year so am happy. πŸ˜€

been a long weekend again and we spent it mostly at home, relaxing. at times i felt that we are wasting a long weekend by not going anywhere. but most of the time i felt great about the fact that we get to spend so much time together – cooking, fighting, talking, arguing, watching movies, etc. i feel that we should try to spend as much time as we can with each other. coz’ once you have kids, they are the only center of attraction and attention. πŸ˜€

it’s a nice weather today – half-sunny, half-windy – i love the smell of it! it’s a mix of the wintry and summery smells. in such a weather, i feel like doing nothing but just lazing around in the balcony, enjoying the various smells and getting goosebumps coz’ of the slightly chilly air. aww, i’m in love with the weather today!! πŸ™‚

last weekend, our friends had left their pet fish with us for a couple of days when they were on vacation. she was sucha darling – name’s Cleo. i loved the way it used to keep opening and closing its mouth all the time – the way it used to dig for its flakes from amongst the pile of pebbles – the way she used to touch the tip of my finger… ! at times, i used to look at her and wonder if it gets bored inside the tank! so i used to make sure that i entertain it by talking to it and making faces at it! wonder if she even looked at me! πŸ˜€ i guess i miss her!

here’s we two at the new year party… doesn’t nitin look like johnny depp in charlie and the chocolate factory? πŸ˜€