i’d thought about it before. i’m thinking about it again. what on earth makes up feel jealous of people? it’s a sick feeling! whenever i feel jealous of someone, i feel like kicking myself for doing so. you’d say that’s it’s normal and happens to everyone. why at all is it human? Tongue out

anyway, lemme chuck this stupid thought. it’s holiday season and i’m excited about the long weekend. not that we’ve any plans for it. just that it’s a long weekend and we get a lot of time to stay together and relax. Open-mouthed

it’s sunday night and i’m already dreading monday. even when i don’t have to go to work. Tongue out

btw, i wonder why some people say things that they don’t mean. for example, ‘thanks’, sorry’, ‘it tastes great’, ‘you’re looking so good’, ‘who says you’re fat?’, etc. there are more but then i’d have to provide the context too so lemme not quote them here. Open-mouthed at times, you can either be good or be honest!

Merry Christmas to all! Party