guess what? i’d never thought that i’d get to see snow in Houston! but then, my wish got fulfilled and we experienced a light snow shower yesterday!! ( woohoo!! Hot why i’m so excited is because i’ve seen a snow shower for the first time. could never see it in India. Tongue out it was just a single day delight. it’s back to sunny today! Sun

i dunno how many of you have heard about the Korean immigrant family whose house was destroyed by a jet crash in San Diego. the guy lost his wife, two babies Rachel and Grace, aged 1 month and 15 months respectively, and his mother-in-law. Sad the pilot ejected safely from the jet before the crash. i was touched by the humble and forgiving nature of the guy! you would expect a guy who experienced such a great loss to blame the pilot but he didn’t do anything of that sort. he maintained his calm and composure and spoke to the media very humbly. he even asked the people around the world to pray for the pilot who is hospitalized. he surely has touched everyone’s heart. hats off to him and God bless!