so what have i been up to the past few days? alright, don’t expect anything great – it’s the usual. i brought another set of books from the library and i dunno how much time i’d take to read Les Miserables! i know i’m not gonna read anything on this long weekend. Tongue out

oh btw, it was our first Engagement Anniversary on 23rd Nov! Angel we dined in Chinese Bistro, and , as usual, i was more excited about the fortune cookie. Open-mouthed it told me this – "You are a lover of words. Someday you should write a book." Nerd now THAT is some good inspiration, you see! Wink

Dusvidaniyan is a great movie. I’ve already watched it twice! For those who can’t watch it, it’s a movie about a common man who, one day, discovers that he has cancer and has just 3 months to live. He then realizes that there are so many things that he wanted to do but couldn’t do cuz’ he’s always busy with work and home. He creates a "Things to do before I die" list and successfully completes it before he dies. His list was simple, yet so thoughtful! It was mostly the innocence and the simplicity of Vinay Pathak that kept me hooked on to it. I pondered about the kind of wishes a common man has. I wondered if we ever think of fulfilling all our wishes before we die, without knowing when we’re gonna die. Thinking