My current state is "dead tired" (the tongue out types Tongue out)! After two days of cleaning and cooking (the diwali-special one), I don’t feel like lifting a finger now. Sleepy Oh btw, I cooked "Shahi Paneer" for the first time and it turned out good! Open-mouthed So, in all, Monday and Tuesday were phewy weekdays. Smile

On second thoughts, I’ve been thinking how interesting it is to get pregnant because of all the pamper/care that you get subjected to. Angel And then, I thought about one of our maid servants (back in India) who, when carrying, used to work throughout the day, without complaining about anything, taking in all the mental abuse at work and the physical abuse at home. How about her? Did she ever get pampered? Thinking And surprisingly, people like her, even after bearing all the stress/tension and other such stuff, manage a normal delivery. I say this because I see females talking about docs telling them to rest and take no stress, especially in the initial months and the later ones. And still, after a lot of care, some end up with complications at the time of delivery. Sad

Anyway, whatever it be, I was only pondering on the various kinds of lives that females live, whilst managing a pregnancy. Hot

I’ve been devouring Danielle Steel’s books these days and I recently read "Heartbeat". It’s a story about a female whose husband doesn’t want kids and divorces her when she gets pregnant with his baby. The simple details of how a woman feels, physically and mentally, about the baby to come are very touching! And then, the way another guy falls in love with her and takes care of her as if she is bearing his baby, is great! Loved this book! Open-mouthed

Let me just clarify that I’m neither carrying nor thinking about having a baby right now so don’t think on those lines. Tongue out These are just thoughts, and that’s it. Nerd