hmmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmm… i’m thinking what to write! nope, not a writer’s block… it’s a lazy block. Open-mouthed

dunno why i’m feeling so lazy these days – lazy and sleepy, both.. Sleepy

i celebrated my first Karwa Chauth last week. before marriage, i used to wonder what on earth makes these married ladies stay without food and water for the whole day, just to wish their husbands a great and a long life! Thinking but now, when i did it it myself, i could understand what makes one do it… and the excitement that you feel while doing it… and the happiness that you end up with when you’re done with it. Smile

the best part was that i decorated my hands with Henna myself for the first time. and the better than the best part was that Nitin did it on my right hand. Hot that was really sweet and i took pride in the fact that i was the only one whose husband did it for her. AngelSmile