So we had a tiring and a flying weekend that came and went, like other weekends! Open-mouthed

On Saturday, we finally went to a library and I brought six books from there – good enough for two weeks! Smile We’d planned to go to a temple in the evening but somehow were quite late and then ended up going to the Galleria instead! Tongue out

Yesterday, we went to the "Durga Bari" (a temple in Houston) to attend the morning prayers. I loved the sounds and the hustle-bustle there – females looking their best in the colorful Saris and jewelery, kids dressed in the cutest outfits, and guys at their ethnic best! Angel I felt funny cuz’ I was the least decked up (read it as not decked up at all)! Embarrassed But anyway, it was nice and soothing! I also relished the ‘chaat’, the ‘phuchkas’, and other yummy food (and, of course, the ‘paan’) that we got to eat!Tongue out

Oh btw, did I tell you about our new car – the Audi A6! It’s cool! Angel