wants, wishes, needs, expectations, jealousy, and more… they never seem to leave one. no matter how sensible/practical and other blah you are, you end up getting entangled in their web. Disappointed

why can’t we curb a wish or postpone it to some other time? why can’t we kill the expectations forever? Baring teeth

i, at times, feel that i’m the happiest person around and i couldn’t ask for more than what i have. and the next moment, i’m making faces because i start thinking about things that i want and i wish for – things that i’m desperate to have but can’t because the right time for them hasn’t come yet! why can’t i be patient enough to wait for the right time and satisfied with what i have for now? Thinking

i know i know i’m again whying around but why not ask why! even if they are the same whys that i was whying around with a couple of months back! Tongue out

no no no i don’t want answers to these questions! i know it all already but i still love whying!  Nerd Wink