yesterday wasn’t a good day for cooking – although i (we) tried to cook the best stuff yesterday! Disappointed

i was all excited about preparing stuffed bitter melons for nitin – something that i tried for the first time. all went fine except that in the end i somehow managed to blacken them – ok blackening is kinda good but not charcoal black! Embarrassed

anyway, nitin had promised his friends that he’s gonna cook and bring something nice to office. he too was all excited to prepare "malai koftas". i helped him out with it. all was going fine – and then, while i was frying the "koftas", one of them managed to burst – yup, it burst like a small cracker and spill oil on my hand! Sick and that was the end of our enthusiasm! sigh! Sad

nitin too didn’t have a normal time on his offshore calls that eat up our quality time everyday! Sarcastic we ended up eating at 12 in the night, that too half-heartedly, cuz’ nitin was eating and talking to his colleagues on phone simultaneously. Disappointed

we couldn’t do much but blame it on the DAY! Tongue out

btw, are you all wondering why i’ve been talking about food a lot these days? Sarcastic even i dunno! Open-mouthed