We’d left for Dallas on Friday the last week – the day on which the hurricane Ike was scheduled to hit Houston. Most of the time, we were only watching the news and taking updates of Ike from our friends who were still in Houston.

Last night, when we entered Houston, it was all dark, with just a couple lights here and there. Thankfully, the power was already restored in our apartment, but one complete block in our complex was still without power. People who didn’t have any power were sitting outside their apartments in groups. The surroundings did look devastated with the fallen trees and stray leaves lying around. The pool was full of dirt and leaves. Hopefully, things will get better soon!

Houston apart, Galveston is the worst hit city of Texas. The condition of the people who’ve lost their homes is unimaginable! http://www.weather.com/multimedia/videoplayer.html?clip=12133&from=hp_video_1
I pray that the city gets back on its feet soon.

While we were in Dallas, we did get time to go around a bit. Here are some pics: Dallas trip pics