So here we are eagerly waiting for yet another hurricane named Ike. Eye-rolling Gustav ditched us the last time and changed its direction at the last minute. Tongue out Let’s see what Ike is up to!

Ok, hurricanes apart, I wonder why bad happens when you think bad but good doesn’t happen when you think good! Context? Yesterday, while washing a coffee mug, I was thinking what if I happen to break it (it’s my favorite mug). A second after I thought about it, I happened to hit it on the tap and almost broke its handle. Embarrassed At times, when I am cutting vegetables, I happen to think what if I cut my finger. Most of the time, I end up doing it. Disappointed

No, I don’t THINK about all this. These thoughts just happen to enter my mind and confuse me. Confused Or maybe, my accident proneness is the culprit. Sarcastic

As a solution, while working in the kitchen, I try to keep my mind engaged by either singing or listening to songs. Open-mouthed I guess music decreases accident proneness! Thinking