Today morning, before leaving for work, Nitin gave me a 1 dollar coin, and asked me to get a Houston Chronicle for myself from downstairs (nothing great but the way he said it was cute!) Open-mouthed ! The kid inside me got into action and I told him that it costs only 50 cents… you’ve given me extra! Angel He said that the thing is gonna give 50 cents back to me. I said but how am i gonna figure out where to insert the money!! Surprised  He said that it’s not a problem and he’d go with me in the eve to get the newspaper. Nerd I was like.. ok Dad! Tongue out
Doesn’t make sense, right? Embarrassed But, to me, it felt as if my dad’s given me a dollar to buy some sweets worth 50 cents, and instructed me to take the 50 cents back from the shopkeeper! Open-mouthed
Cute things like this do make our day at times! Works for me at least! Wink