I’m amazed at the amount of happiness that I get after cooking a great meal for some great people who find the food great and say great words about it! Angel I even get a weird sense of happiness after I’ve cleaned the kitchen and it looks spic-and-span. Hot Okay now these are not "housewifeish" words/feelings! Tongue out
Maybe I am now getting to feel whatever I couldn’t feel earlier because of the work-related thoughts that used to cloud my mind. Thinking
BTW, I’ve been solving a whole lot of crosswords these days. I feel as if I’ve become a crossword maniac! Nerd Okay now this doesn’t mean that I have all the time in the world. Eye-rolling Tongue out Getting a decent score in some of the kiddish crosswords also makes me happy like a kid! Open-mouthed And later, I wonder about the big deal I thought it was. Sarcastic But then, the good thing is that it makes me happy, whatever kinda happiness it is and wherever it originates from. Smile