When I used to work (that sounds like once upon a time!! Surprised ), I always used to think how good a life without work (the work in office) will be! No stress, no tension, sleep anytime, and do whatever you want. Now that I don’t have to go to work anymore, I wonder how the females spend time as house wives. Open-mouthed
How much of blogging, chatting, and surfing can you do in a day? How much of cooking/cleaning can you do? How many books can you read? Thinking
But then, it’s not so difficult as well. The funny part is that I used to crave for sleep earlier, and now that I have time to sleep, I can’t!! Surprised
I wonder why our body behaves stupid at times! Sick
What do you do when you get no sleep in the night and don’t feel like sleeping during the day? Eye-rolling
Yoga, exercise, meditation… no no no! They don’t work all the time! Tongue out