know what? just nothing, still everything. i dunno if i should say everything or nothing cuz if i try to say something, i’ll end up saying everything, which i don’t want to. but then, is it not good to say everything than say nothing? but at times, i guess it’s better to say nothing. but doesn’t saying nothing irriate the people around you cuz since you’re saying nothing, you’d be stuffy inside, and that shows on your face. and after looking at your face, people wil surely ask you what happened and then you’d say nothing and then they’d get irritated. Embarrassed
what do you do when you want to tell something to someone but then you think you might end up sounding dumb (which actually you’re not)? Thinking
there are things that affect you in the way that the other people don’t intend to. they might think that you’re liking it but you actually aren’t. they might think that it was meant for fun but you actually felt offended. how in the world do you keep these feelings from showing up on your stupid face? you can’t say it to everyone, can you? especially not to the person who has actually irritated you unknowingly, and that person is the most important person for the person who means the most to you. aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!! Sick
i wanna go on the terrace and scream! but then, the neighbors would hear it and think that i’m insane. lemme ask them how i should let my anger, irritation, and all the blah blah out! Angry
people people people! at times, someone just wants to let it out… be it in front of someone or on the terrace or here… so that’s just what i did just now… no questions on what happened to me and why i’m behaving like this. i’m perfectly fine. Hot