So I’m finally back from my week-long break and I’m delighted to tell you all that I got to visit Vaishnodevi! For those who don’t know what Vaishnidevi is, here’s some information:
The trip to Vaishnodevi was heavenly and we had fun! Angel The 12 km climb uphill, though long, felt great! We chose to ascend in the night and were quite happy with our decision later. Open-mouthed
My legs still pain because of the 12 km climb uphill and then another 12 km back downhill, my nose is still running because of the ice-cold water that we bathed in, but I still long to go back there and smell the heavenly air of Vaishnodevi! Smile
I also visited my parents-in-law and spent some good time with them. Party
Here are some pics for you to enjoy: Open-mouthed