when you are sure that she is predictable,
she becomes a mystery
when you think that she does not know much,
she reveals the history
when you adore her for the cute things she says,
she raises the mercury
when you start loving her words,
she enters the silent territory
when you think that pleasing her is no big deal,
she hits the irritable category
when you talk about your EXes,
she smiles through the waves of jealousy
when you wonder how lovable she is,
she forgets the spelling of lovely
when you say you love her,
she pretends to be deaf and makes you worry
she knows no extent of love
but she manages it well as a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a dove
she hides her worries with a big smile
but she can spend hours with you making them seem like a while
she might fumble with the matters of money
but she can set things right with her words of honey
she might want to possess you and herself be free
but she is always eager to find shade under your tree
she might argue with you to glory
but she does not mind losing to you and celebrating your victory