Am I nuts because I…

  • count the stairs while climbing/descending them and I make sure that my right step coincides with the even numbers. Embarrassed
  • stare at the computer at times, thinking how I can touch everything that I see on the monitor. I feel like operating the mouse cursor with my hands. Disappointed
  • like staring at people who I don’t like and irritate myself by doing that. Baring teeth
  • always think of accidents when I am on the road. I think about what vehicles can clash, how the debris will look like, what if I am in one of those vehicles, will I die or will I survive, will I survive with broken body parts, which hospital i’d be admitted in, etc. Sick
  • feel like slapping/kicking some people while walking on the road. Angry
  • google for the interpretation of all my stupid dreams Sarcastic
  • wrote all this Eye-rolling