Some people are careless enough to get hurt almost everyday, at any stupid place, while doing just anything, or at times, while doing nothing!
Maybe, they’re destined to get hurt so frequently.
Or, maybe they’re just accident-prone!
You wanna know why I suddenly started pondering over such people? It’s because I am one of them!
I recently learned a couple of things after hurting myself due to my accident-proneness.
  • Make sure that you’re around nothing when you’re about to sneeze. You can end up banging your knee on the kitchen slab because of the great sneezy jerk!
  • Look before you stretch, especially in the mornings. You can end up bumping your head on the bedstead.
  • Don’t struggle much while getting in those skin-tight lowers, or cut your nails before you start struggling with them. You can end up tearing your flesh off your finger.
  • Don’t shut the door behind you when someone’s on the door and you don’t want them to enter. You can end up with a pulpy finger that turns hard like head later (how weird!)
  • Don’t try to walk when you are in the process of yawning. You might end up walking into a wall. 

And here’s the cartoon of the day: