Sorry about the delay people! I was on vacation the last week. Party
When I came back, I found that my space was blocked by the Windows Live Customer Support because they found a nude image of a child in one of my albums. Well, I was shocked for once. Surprised But then I realized that it has to be my Anne Geddes album. Open-mouthed I finally got my space unblocked and have removed the complete album. Tongue out I seriously was worried about losing my space! Embarrassed
There are things that you can share with no one but yourself. There are things that you can trust no one on but yourself. Don't tell anyone
You don’t want to reveal such things even to the people who are the closest to you. You fear that those things might ruin the relationships, or they might get misinterpreted. You might even be called a rebel, or doubted upon for storing such thoughts in your mind. Sarcastic
Maybe, you just want to say it to someone who can listen to it, understand it, understand what made you say it, and does not misinterpret your intention behind saying it. I wonder if "someone" exists. Angel