I expect the world to stop expecting that I am not going to expect anything from them and that they will keep expecting me to live up to all their expectations, including the expectation from me to dump all my expectations because it’s dumb of me to expect and I should be prepared for the unexpected, unlike others, who always expect the expected and more from me. 
Expect the unexpected… whoever said that and whatever he meant.
Expectation is the mother of all worries. Has anyone said that before? If not, then I said it.
Nah, please don’t tell me to enjoy life, and not think much, and not ponder over the silly little things in life, and be happy, and blah. We all know what life is like. Do we? Virtual happiness comes to an end, some or the other time. Real happiness too is short-lived, not for all maybe. Aarrgh! What is the extent of thinking??
Don’t worry. I am fine. I only felt like going back to Neptune.