At times, you start writing something and end up with something else.
At times, you just can’t convey what you want to, and then mess happens.
At times, only you know something, and the world doesn’t.
At times, it’s good.
At times, it’s bad.
I tried hard
and harder
but not the hardest
cuz’ I see no change
the change that I expected
the one that could make you the happiest
I thought
and thought more
but I guess I shouldn’t think much
cuz’ thinking only doesn’t help
even if accompanied with a yelp
I anyway can’t mend it as such
I try to change
and change more
but I don’t know the extent of it
cuz’ change, although, a constant
doesn’t seem to affect you
may be the extent of it doesn’t matter a bit
I am trying to stop
stop it right here
but, I wonder if it would be a full stop
cuz’ my heart does not stop beating
and the brain does not stop thinking
I dunno how to stop this growing crop
At times, it’s good to stop thinking about yourself, even if you’re hopeless.
At times, it’s good to listen and ignore.
At times, you need not learn from a mistake that you’ve made.