It’s a pain watching the news on television these days. Most of the time, I get to hear about girls who’ve been burnt to death for dowry, mothers who’ve buried/thrown their new-borns just because it was a girl child or because the mother was unmarried, kids who accidentally fall in pits/borewells and the admin takes more than a day’s time to rescue the kid, people dying in road accidents, people dying in areas that are flodded because of the monsoons, lovers who’ve had a tiff and killed each other, bomb blasts at holy/public places, and more.
I wonder what’s happening to the world. Where are the emotions, patience, love, and sense of responsibility disappearing? They call this era "kalyug", the worst of all, in which, people will be no different than devils, always ready to pick up a fight and kill each other.
Money rules. Power follows. Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer, as always. Shootouts, conspiracies, killings, hatred, and selfishness.
At times, I think that animals are better off than us.