Here’s some more weird stuff from another conversation that I had with a colleague in office. DU is me, KB is him.

BTW, you might not read the whole of it , or might tear your hair after reading it , or might just roll your eyes thinking what crap it is


KB [4:59 PM]:
looks like ur weirdness goes too deep

DU [5:00 PM]:
the weirdness isn’t lonely but dark and deep… there aren’t many miles to go before it seeps

KB [5:01 PM]:
while the guy on the other end of the conversation weeps and weeps

DU [5:02 PM]:
cuz he gets lots and lots of creeps

KB [5:03 PM]:
brought on by the girl whose weirdness she never leaves

DU [5:06 PM]:
cuz weirdness is what she has by default, not what she heaves

KB [5:09 PM]:
and she goes on without bothering that he grieves

KB [5:10 PM]:
her weirdness she must send to the sieves

DU [5:12 PM]:
weirdness is a trait of Adams too, not just Eves

KB [5:15 PM]:
ah! weirdness is every Eve’s  pet peeves

KB [5:17 PM]:
while Adams, only joy that he gives

DU [5:17 PM]:
weirdness plays a major role in the magic that Eve weaves

KB [5:19 PM]:
yeah dark magic that every Eve Keeps

DU [5:19 PM]:
yeah, and that’s what makes Adams not lions but sheeps

KB [5:19 PM]:
so beware Adam when you peep

DU [5:20 PM]:
Adams need to look before they leap

KB [5:21 PM]:
sheeps they turn so their Eves sleep

KB [5:22 PM]:
courage they keep plenty in deep

DU [5:23 PM]:
that’s why in front of Eves, they can’t talk but just beep

KB [5:24 PM]:
calmness cant make Adam cheap

KB [5:24 PM]:
they rise like lions when their eves weep

DU [5:24 PM]:
Adams’ so-called calmness is what Eves sweep

KB [5:25 PM]:
ah! but the fruits Eves reap

DU [5:25 PM]:
although they can’t act like lions, but only cheep

DU [5:26 PM]:
the fruits that Adams steal in heaps

KB [5:28 PM]:
it is for their children Adams cheep

KB [5:28 PM]:
while the Eves do nothing but sleep

DU [5:28 PM]:
Adams’ cheep is what puts Eves to sleep

KB [5:29 PM]:
the kids they cant manage, so they act to sleep

DU [5:29 PM]:
look who’s talking; Adam has finally given a proof of his cheep

KB [5:29 PM]:
the Adams don’t mind though they know the truth so deep

KB [5:30 PM]:
look Eves cant reason, they only can weep

DU [5:30 PM]:
The deeper Adams go for truth, the more they make Eves weep

DU [5:31 PM]:
cuz’ Adams dunno what truth is and what’s deep

DU [5:31 PM]:
Eves let them boast cuz’ much doesn’t seep

KB [5:32 PM]:
Ah! victories they let the Eves keep

KB [5:33 PM]:
so Eves dont drown the world by their weep

DU [5:33 PM]:
Eves never play in the first place; Adams are egoists down the deep

DU [5:34 PM]:
they too want to weep, but weeping is wht they keep

DU [5:35 PM]:
so even while sleeping, Adams don’t sleep

KB [5:36 PM]:
Adams let the Eves rant so deep

KB [5:36 PM]:
if it can keep the Eve from weep

DU [5:37 PM]:
ranting is another trait of Eves from which they don’t keep

DU [5:37 PM]:
they agree to what they are, that’s why, like Adams, they don’t cheep

KB [5:38 PM]:
but the truth, do Eves really keep

KB [5:38 PM]:
that Adams are best, does it really seep

DU [5:39 PM]:
Adams prove it once again, they boast in heaps

KB [5:40 PM]:
here comes the lies that Eves so cheep

DU [5:40 PM]:
here comes more crap that Adams reap

DU [5:41 PM]:
cut that crap Adam! you can no more beep

KB [5:42 PM]:
silence Madam! let the world sleep

DU [5:42 PM]:
Sure! if that puts an end to your cheep

KB [5:44 PM]:
yes, if it keeps you from weep

DU [5:45 PM]:
and steeps your cheep in the deep