My friend Shobhit asked me how life is. Here’s what followed:

Life’s going on, not too fast, not too slow
It’s like a boat that you need to row row row


So the cat has not forgotten her old tricks
she still purrs and pricks.
but if she is on a boat then she cant really say
that she is smart but has lost her way
life is weird.
sometimes stupidity
sometimes serendipity
life is a journey,
done on boats,
camels, foot and even goats,
it is meant to be lived,
years, months, days and moments
so whether u swim, walk, sleep or row,
live life
‘cos thats the way it should go.


life’s weird
life’s funny
at times, it’s a devil
at times, it’s a bunny

but whatever it is
you’re supposed to row row row
cuz’ it’s a boat in the sea
that needs to flow flow flow

if you lose your way
don’t bother to find it
just go with the flow
someday, the shore you’d hit

and the conversation ended here.

Have a great weekend ppl!