How does it feel going up in the office’s lift in the morning? I travel from the ground floor to the seventh floor daily in the lift. When you’re the only person in the lift (the liftman is always silent), the silence feels very peaceful. And I hate it when the lift stops at the second floor (some people get off on the second floor to have breakfast).
So when I’m going up and I’m the only person in the lift and if it doesn’t stop on the second floor, I close my eyes and try to inhale the silence, the peacefulness of those moments, and concentrate on the subtle murmuring of the lift. I try not to think about the mails that are waiting in my inbox, the managers waiting for the status of various deliverables, and the miscellaneous tasks and people that I would need to deal with.
I think of blankness and let it mingle with the calmness, and let both of them soothe my mind. It’s funny that I feel quite sleepy in the morning. So, I try to shun the sleepiness out of me, and feel refreshed.
How about the feeling when I’m going down in the lift at the end of the day? I feel the same and do the same. I try not to think about the tasks that I’ve left unfinished, the managers who are still waiting on soemthing, and the way I dealt with miscellaneous tasks and people. The negatives, the positives, the good, the bad – I try not to get affected by them until I reach the ground floor.
It’s quite difficult to keep your mind away from such stuff while going to office or going back home from office. It’s good to analyze the day, but not when you’re in the lift!
Did this make any sense to you?