Today’s the World Environment Day. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna write any blah on it. What amuses me is the way people behave whenever it’s some XYZ day. You get to see/hear/read all kinda stuff about the XYZ on that day ONLY.
I picked up the newspaper in the morning and spotted "World Environment Day" written on the top of it. Then I looked for some articles on it. There was one on how the celebrities are going to protect "mother nature". Good enough! What else?
On the way to office, in the cab, I heard the RJ of Radio Mirchi talking about it. "Guys! Plz. keep the earth clean! Plant trees! Do this! Do that!" Is that really gone have some effect?
All of this seems like people talking and behaving like patriots on Independence/Republic Day, or people gifting and showing all the love for their mothers on the Mothers’ Day. What about the other days? Where do the love, the feeling of patriotism, and the sense of responsibility towards the environment disappear on the other days?