Been long people. I was, as usual, buried under work. 😀
I feel so good when see comments from you all, regularly visiting me, and waiting for updates from me. 🙂 Time and life change so quickly that it’s diffiult to cope with a lot of things.
Lately, my mind has been churning out nonsense. I’ve been pondering over all kinda thoughts and making my own life miserable.
There are times when you take pride in yourself, about what you are. There are times when you feel low, think low, and talk low about yourself.
I try to think happy, talk happy, look happy, act happy… But, suddenly, something happens, and all happy stuff goes whoooosh! They say that if you think you’re happy, you are. You’re responsible for your own happiness.
Be happy and keep others happy. What’s more difficult? Staying happy or keeping others happy? I know I’m being yappy about happy but that’s the latest I’ve been pondering over… Happiness 🙂