You get to see all kinda people around you; skinny, bony, fat, obese, dark, fair, tall, short, etc. Do you ever feel an urge to paste a layer of fat on the skinny ones, rip off some flesh from the fat ones, paint the dark one bright, tan the fair one, cut the legs to make the tall one short, and stretch the short one fom both ends? Does that sound weird/funny? Obviously, it does.
Awrite, I’ll leave this here and won’t tell you why I said that crap. :p

Do we know how much importance do we give to the looks of a person? What do you notice at the first sight? The face? What’s in a face BTW? Beauty? Is that it?
Do you notice the scars on a girl’s face more than her innocent eyes? Do you notice the color of her lips more than the words she speaks?
We all talk about beauty being skin deep, beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, and similar blah. Do we actually agree to that? Do you actually make a face when you see an "ugly duckling"? Do you pity him/her for being one?
We aren’t supposed to look beautiful, are we? We are supposed to look the way we are.
Listen to her eyes, for they speak a zillion
Don’t lose her, she might be one in a billion
Don’t judge her by the looks
Don’t see the covers, but the content of the books
This might sound philosophical
This might be difficult to implement in practical
But it’s possible to look through the skin
The ugly duckling hasn’t committed a sin
Don’t wonder why I’m writing such stuff. 😀