We, at times, need to ask this question – What’s the worst that can happen if you miss a deadline?
– You’d get a shouting from your boss
– It would become a black mark in the golden history of your work
– The manager’s gonna ask you for an explanation
– They’re gonna give you a series of lectures on time-management, organizing your work, checklists, etc.
– You’re gonna be fired.
Okay, that is tolerable. Neither is the sky gonna fall on us, nor will you be hanged. They aren’t gonna ask you to do 10000 push-ups. You’d just be called irresponsible and careless. They’d say that you lack time-management and organization skills.
What else?
Ok, then WHY does this question still give me goosebumps instead of relieving me from my confusions, doubts, and dilemmas? How funny! I don’t understand why work freaks me out these days. You guys must be wondering WHY this girl talks about her "work-less" fantasies, why she’s become anti-work, and why she’s so confused all the time? WHAT’s her problem?
Oh boy! I dunno what to do. I know what needs to be done and what I’m supposed to do. But, I just don’t wanna accept the fact that I know all this. That’s because I don’t wanna WORK. Ok, how am I gonna earn if I don’t work?
I envy the people who go to work late and come back early. I envy their worklessness. I feel like asking all kinda WHYs to everyone, including myself.
Don’t gimme the following stupid stuff…
life’s like that   *rolling my eyes*
take a break   *whaaa??*
work hard, party harder   *hehehehe*
you’ve overworked   *worked up??*
you’ve been working overtime   *inefficiency, lack of time-management skills*
what has happened to you?   *asking me??*
we understand   *is it??? m glad you do!*
Woohooo! Divoo’s gone nuts. Nutty Nosey Blah Blah Divoo.