There’s always an urge to break free from the so-called routine that we follow everyday. I wonder how nicely we’re tied to it, rather entangled in the various elements of an entity called DAY. I wonder how robotically we perform the various tasks and neglect ourselves. Okay, not all of us do that, but most of us do, don’t we?
I, at times, feel that I’m not suited for the job that I do. I’m a highly disorganized and clumsy person, who keeps wondering how people manage to use those bulky organizers! I need no rules, no deadlines, no guidelines, no stylesheets, no templates, and no bosses. That’s one reason why I feel so relieved when I write here. I can write anything, anytime, without bothering much about it.
I wish I had loads of money, which was good enough to buy me lots of books, food to live, and clothes to wear. I would then sit at home, read up stuff, write anything i want to, roam around anywhere, click lots of pictures, and sleep peacefully.
Do I sound unambitious? Do I lack enthusiasm and the go-getter attitude? May be. But that’s how I want to be. Lazy daisy 😀