Life, love, relationships, society. An individual gets lost in these four. May be, that’s the way these things are meant to be. Many have tried to maintain their individuality and stand out of the crowd. Many have been successful. Many have failed. Do you need some guts to do that? How bold one must be to do that? What are the other factors that matter?
You wanna show you have guts, become a rebel, and live life your way, by losing out on your loved ones? Why does that happen? Why does one have to choose always? Why do any options exist at all? Pick anything you want, do anything you want, wear anything you want, eat anything you want, work the way you want to, sleep whenever you want to, say whatever you want to, just do any damn thing you want to. Does that make a society undisciplined? Does it mean that people will be out of control? Why, at all, is there a need to control people? Why do we have presidents, ministers, and mayors?
Everything and everyone has a master; a person who controls, manages, and gets things done in a systematic way. Would we become animals if the managing business disappears from our life altogether? At times, I feel like leaving everything. What’s the worst that can happen if I escape from my responsibilities? I’d be called an escapist. So what? Do I need to care about what people say? Nah! Well, yeah! But again, why??
Hope you guys wouldn’t tear your hair cuz’ I’m kinda repeating whatever I have been saying before. People people and people. Woohoooo! :p

The setting sun as seen from my office. I look at it daily and it shows me a different picture everyday. I wonder how the sky manages to change everyday 🙂