At times, all the time seems so less.
I wonder why time flies.
Why does it have to fly all the time and make us fly after itself to chase it (which we anyway can’t)?
Time, like life, is funny.
When you need time, it’s there in milligrams.
When you don’t, a ton of it sits on your head.
“Time’s running. I got to catch it.” (How about overtaking it? Forget it!)
“I need some time.”
“Give me some time.”
“It’s time now.”
“Time over.”
“I have no time for anything.”
“I ran out of time.”
“Time flies.”
“Your request for time has timed out. Please try some other time.”
Shucks! 😐  

Btw, it was my b’day yesterday. 😀
Lack of time didn’t allow me to celebrate :p
What? I should have taken out some time for that?
I don’t have time to do THAT too.
Happy timing! *divoo rolls her eyes*