Do you ever feel stupid about your stupidities? As in, at times, you shouldn’t be doing things that you’re doing. But, you can’t help that. They just happen. You just happen to do them. And then, you wonder what on earth made you do THAT.

At times, I feel that I’m a misfit on this planet and that I should go back to Neptune. I wonder what it would be like if the Neptunians start behaving like the people here.

Ok, are you thinking that I’ve gone crazy and whatever I’m talking is crap? Neptunians? What nonsense! Awrite, let’s come back to earth.

The point of talking all this is again what I’ve talked about already, sometime. People. People, who want to be different but keep telling you to behave like one of them. People, who are nothing but a funny bunch of idiotic hypocrites, have a big nose that’s always in air (for no reason), think and talk nonsense, and then expect you to think and talk the same kinda nonsense. They talk about being different but don’t let you step out of their stupid pigeon holes.

Have I just started cribbing about people again??
Aww! I don’t wanna do that. But, I just can’t help.

Now what?
You’d tell me to ignore.
You’d tell me to be what I am.
You’d tell me that people are like that.
You’d tell me that I’m different and I should stay like that.

Ok. Fine. I know all that. I know everything. Still, I can’t help cribbing.
I’m like this and lemme stay like that, ok?
I’m talking to you, not YOU, ok?