We, the people, as I always say, are funny. Funny, just like this life is. It makes us interact with other people, attaches us to some, confuses us about some, keeps us wondering about some, amazes us about some. And then, we go crazy for some, get irritated by some, and abhor some.

Another funny thing inside us is the heart that refuses to think. It, blindly, goes crazy for some, no matter what and how they are. It’s such a fool that it doesn’t realize that some people are not going to stay with you forever. They need to move on; you too need to. Does the heart understand that? Don’t you find it difficult to make your heart understand this funny philosophy?

Moving on is what they say we need to do. How difficult/easy it is? I don’t know. What I know is that it takes time to move on and, at times, we just can’t take a step ahead. We’re scared to leave some memories behind. Memories stay, they say. Can you actually leave them behind? Or, do you always need to carry them with yourself?

Why do we click pictures? Why do we capture moments? To look at them and feel happy that you spend fun time together, or to shed a tear thinking that you’re no longer with that person?

I wonder why we cry. Do animals understand that we’re sad? Yes, they do.