I’m not going to start with "I’m back!" cuz’ I didn’t go anywhere 🙂 But yes, it was a mini-hibernation I’d say. May be it isn’t even a kind of hibernation. Whatever it was, it’s over.
I’m quite settled in Pune and in Symantec. Initially, I was quite busy with adjusting to the new environment, shifting my stuff here and there, and getting started in Symantec. Therefore, I couldn’t find much time to update my space and visit your spaces. I’d have missed a lot of stuff but I’m soon gonna catch up with all of you.

I’ve been wondering
– how people tell you to be independent, and still try to force their thoughts and decisions on you.
– how you feel sad when you leave a place and people and how quickly you forget about all that, once you land amongst new people and start wondering about them
– how, at times, confusions confuse you to death
– how, sharing your confusions with others, confuses you more
– how, at times, it’s good not to share any of your thoughts with others to avoid disappointment