Woohooo guys! Hope you all had a nice weekend 🙂

So what new does Divoo have to tell you?
That she went on a picnic to Ford Radisson with her office friends!

It was a fun trip overall. Fort Radisson is a hotel located in the outskirts of Kolkata. The surroundings are peaceful and tranquil. And the best thing is that this hotel is situated almost on the bank of river Ganges. So, we got to take a ride on the boat as well 😀

We roamed around for most of the time, had great food (especially the aaloo chat , which was yummy and I took four helpings of it :p), and clicked pics, as usual.

Check out the pics in the latest album "Picnic at Fort Radisson".

My stay in Kolkata has almost come to an end. This Saturday, I’ll move to Pune. This week would be kinda busy as I’d be getting farewell treats and gifts. But then, I’m feeling kinda strange and funny about this. I’m going to leave one comfort zone and move to an almost alien zone. I’d have to make new friends and adjust with new funny people. I dunno what kinda roommates and colleagues I’d get. I’m wondering and wondering!