Is it just one life that I have
or am I supposed to get a couple of more too?
If at all, I have multiple lives
I bet I wouldn’t be reborn as Divoo

So why not let Divoo be Divoo
and you be you?
Why can’t you stop poking your nose here
and stop that hullabaloo?

Are you really jobless
and have no other work to do?
Or is one of your hobbies
doing a peek-a-boo?

Should I plant a punch on your nose
or should I kick you?
Shut this fuck up
or I might end up killing you!

Whew! Okay, that was Divoo’s outburst. Now, Divoo’s fine. But, she couldn’t keep up her first resolution, which was about not getting irritated by people. People are funny. The worst thing is that they are everywhere. They love you so much that they just can’t leave you alone.

And the worsest thing is that Divoo can’t even go back to Neptune cuz now, the Neptunians wouldn’t recognize her! 😦