it’s a rhythm of happiness,
beats of sorrow,
and a tone of blankness
the singers are many
and the notes are endless
it’s a song of lonliness,
a chorus of emptiness

One of my friends died last year on Christmas after he met with an accident. I spoke to him on Christmas eve, at 12, when he called up and wished me. And then, I couldn’t do it again the next day.

On 27th morning, i.e. yesterday, another friend of mine called up and told me that his dad expired on 25th and he’s in Kerela to complete the formalities.

Funny, this life is. It has multiple faces, all hidden from each other. A sees one, B sees the some other. A is happy, B is sad. A is celebrating, B is mourning.

But then, I make myself understand that life’s like THAT and I need to accept it like THAT. So, here’s wishing you all and myself a rockin’ new year! 🙂