What if you get to

correct this kinda English paper? 😀 Wouldn’t it be fun?! LOL


Guys, tomorrow

I’m leaving for Delhi, that is, home. I’ll be back on 26th evening. So

what’s on my list this time? 🙂

  • Spend lots of time with


  • Stuff

    myself with loads of home-cooked food (as usual


  • Meet my

    senior and other colleagues in Noida office… I’ll miss them


  • Sleep, sleep,

    and sleep (coz’ I’m not gonna get enough of it after coming back


  • And yup!

    Celebrate my aunt’s bday 😀 (pssst.. I’ve already sent her a

    bouquet of yellow roses.. I bet she’s gonna love


So, I’ll see you all on


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂