Yesterday, while going home, I took a rickshaw from the bus-stop till my place. While we were entering a lane, one of my friends waved at me from a distance. He motioned me to tell the rickwallah to stop so that he too can come with me on it. I asked the rickwallah to stop and he took a couple of seconds to stop. I wondered why he took that long.

My friend came, sat in the rickshaw, and asked the rickwallah to move. The rickwallah shook his head and said that he can’t carry two people in his rickshaw. We wondered why. I was about to question the rickwallah on it when my friend stopped me and pointed towards rickwallah’s broken left leg. He didn’t have one. I felt bad, guilty, ashamed, and shocked at the same time.

My friend then got down and asked me to proceed. I offered that we can take another rickshaw for both of us but my friend asked me not to and proceed with him. I said okay and did. On the way, I got a call from my friend. He said that he didn’t want this rickwallah to be deprived of the fare that I would give. He, inspite of his broken leg, is working to earn his bread, and not begging like others do. After hearing this, I stopped feeling bad for him cuz’ then I could appreciate it.

When I reached home, I thought that I would give him some extra bucks. The next second, I cursed myself for thinking like that. He ain’t a beggar. He doesn’t deserve any pity. He just needs to be paid for his work, not more, not less. I got down and smiled at him. He smiled back. His smile said, "I know what you have been thinking."

Today’s saturday and I’m in office. How boring! When I went out for lunch, I saw three puppies outside the gate. One was busy climbing the one-brick high pavement, one was already on the pavement and was pushing the first one, and one was busy wagging its tail at nothing. I stopped for a while and watched them. The third one came down and started licking my toe. It felt so funny and ticklish. And then, the seocnd one was successful in climbing the pavement, although it landed on its belly. I had a good laugh and wished if I could spend my saturday with them!

Have a nice weekend!