Another tag!; this time by Dids 😀 (oops I just found out tht 2 more people have tagged me.. Rohit and Pritz :p)
So here it is…

The ABC of Life

A. Available or taken: Am I a commodity or what? 8-|

B. Best Friend: Granny

C. Cake or pie: Pineapple cake *drool*

D. Drink of choice: Tea, anytime!

E. Essential item: Books and phone 😀

F. Favorite color: Blue

G. Gummi bears or worms: Pooh bear! 😀

H. Hometown: Home is where the heart is ( and my heart is a wanderer ) 😀

I. Indulgence: Head massage

J. January or February: February (pleasant, short, and the month of my birth)

K. Kids and/or names: Nonu (the kid isn’t there yet though :p)

L. Life is incomplete without: If we talk of people, then it’s parents and friends. Otherwise, love and hope (philosophical :p)

M. Marriage date: Dunno!

N. Number of siblings: 0 (Divoo rulez!) :p

O. Oranges or apples: Green apples

P. Phobias/Fears: My fear reaches heights at high places and underwater

Q. Quote: "Don’t dare to be different. Dare to be yourself. If that doesn’t make you different, then something is wrong."

R. Reason to smile: Rivers, clouds, puppies, granny, and bebu

S. Season: Rainy

T. Tag 3 /6 people: Shiwali, Ashoo, Mr. Mom (Adam), Deepu, and Aisha (samragirl), Kim, Pratima (Rohit Sups Mandy Sweeti.. I removed yr names cuz you’re already tagged :D)

U. Unknown fact about me: That Divoo doesn’t reveal unknown facts about herself 😀

V. Vegetable you hate: All green leafy vegetables and all kinda gourds

W. Worst habit: Over-thinking

X. X-rays: Huh?

Y. Your favorite food: Spicy Indian

Z. Zodiac: Aquarius