Woohoo! I’m back 😀
Btw, I was back yesterday itself but I couldn’t post the pics cuz I had to rush to office :p

So lemme tell you something about my trip.

Who all went: My roommates Nidya and Shweta & I
Where all we went: Puri, Chilika Lake, and Konark (Sun temple)

Dec 8, Friday
Boarded the train to Puri in the night

Dec 9, Saturday
Reached Puri at 7 cuz the train was an hour late
Checked in to the Puri Hotel, which is right in front of the beach, at 8. We were lucky enough to get a room facing the beach 😀
Dumped our stuff in the room, changed into our so-called beachwear, and rushed to take a dip in the sea
Shweta was stupid enough to carry some money in her pocket and lose it in the sea :p
Puri sea is quite rough and adds to the fun. The beach was very clean!
Monkeyed around in the waves and did a great photo session 😀
Had ‘daabh’ (coconut water) and ‘chaat’ at the beach and relaxed in the sand
Shweta and Nidya built a sand castle and wrote our names in it 😀
Took a camel ride (I couldnt it on the poor camel after Nidya and Shweta were on it :p)
Thereafter, we went back to the hotel, bathed, and hooged on the food
Took a nap for an hour, got dressed again, and went out for tea
Landed on the beach again to watch the sunset
Took a long walk on the shore, clicked some pics, and then headed towards the Jagannath temple
Cameras and cellphones aren’t allowed inside the Jagannath temple… shucks 😦
Shweta and I dumped our gadgets on Nidya and went inside
Temples have reduced to mere monuments and money-making places now
I didn’t feel good :-<
Came out after taking a round inside, did some shopping (shells n stuff), and came back to the hotel
Hogged on the food again and took a walk on the beach.. the sea was quite angry ooh!
Back to the hotel and slept
Day over

December 10, Sunday
I woke up at 5:30 cuz I wanted to see the sunrise
Woke up Shweta and Nidya cuz they wanted to go to the temple again
They left for the temple
I waited till 6 for the sun to show its face
Went down to the beach and clicked the sun rising
Clciked the fishermen pulling the net out of the sea
Roamed around for an hour or so and went back to the hotel
The 3 of us got dressed, had breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and went off to Chilika Lake
Nidya had an upset stomach, Shweta was fasting, and I was the only one hogging :p
Booked a boat for ourselves and headed towards Chilika lake with a bang (I was the one who did a bang with a humpty-dumpty fall :-s)
Reached the dolphin point where dolphins refuse to show us their face 😦
Visited the Vishnu temple on the way and then reached the point where the lake meets the sea
Spent some time on that beach and then returned
Hogged on the food again (only me this time) and set off to Konark
We thought that we’d make it just in time at the un Temple but we couldn’t 😦 We reached just after sunset 😐
Hired a Guide and roamed around in the Sun Temple
The erotica caricatures in the temple look amazing!
The Guide was patient enough to bear the giggles of Shweta and Nidya 😛
I was pissed off bcuz there wasn’t any proper light for me to click the pictures 😦
Btw, Sun temple looks amazing at the time of sunrise and sunset (missed that 😦  ) may be the next time! 😀
Did some more shopping.. show pieces, pearls, etc etc. and rushed back to Puri cuz it was getting late
Reached the station, had dinner, boarded the train, and slept instantly

December 11, Monday
Back to Kolkata 😦
Back to work 😦

Check out the pics in the "Puri and Konark Trip" album 😀