The latest is…

1. A funny "ganglion" or whatever they call it has appeared on the back of my right hand. It doesn’t pain but looks silly. I wanna get rid of it ASAP! I’m taking homeopathic medicines for it. Some say that it happens because of excessive typing. Some, mostly doctors, don’t know how and why it happens. I’m quite worried about it though they say that it’s harmless. :-s

2. Nokia 5300 is my newly acquired gadget. It’s cute! 😀

3. I have finally resigned from my current job. Resigning is one sick job to do! My last day here would be Jan 12, 07. I’ll miss my bosses.. sob!

4. It’s thursday and I still don’t feel like working. I feel like a cat. There’s no motivation to work. I don’t think that it’s because I’ve already resigned. There’s something funny about this week! :-s